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Are you looking for an aesthetically pleasing commercial project in the prime area of Noida? If so, look no further and consider investing in the Wave one Sector 18.

This project one-of-a-kind office category (silver category, Gold Category and platinum category) project that offers retail shop, multiplex and food courts.

Wave One Sector 18 Noida - An Iconic Commercial Space With Elegance And Perfection!

This premium commercial project offers a premium mix of office spaces that are available at an attractive price. The one-of-a-kind project also offers a mix of office spaces that are available for sale at an attractive price.

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Wave One Noida is a 41 –storey landmark commercial structure of more than two million sq.feet of built-up area that is situated in the core of Sector 18, the business hub of Noida. So, this signature project is smartly designed by internationally recognized architect, Brennan Beer Gorman from New York.

The magnificent Wave one tower stands tall and is all set to offer an experience beyond expectations. The incredible architecture of the commercial development project is a perfect blend of global expertise and positive aura flowing through the property.

The architecture is blended with the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui, assuring success and prosperity. The premium Wave One project brings one closer to the one of the finest commercial projects of Noida. The unique selling proposition of the Wave One Noida project is its strategic location advantage and convenient accessibility.

With unmatched connectivity from any parts of the city, Delhi, NCR, Wave One is a Go-To destination for the commercial activity. This tower thoughtfully crafted to offer a unique experience and provide a harmonious blend high street shopping, ultra plush offices, and modern entertainment and leisure.

What Are The Specifications That Make Wave Sector 18 Noida Stand Out?

1. Iconic Project:

This signature project named Wave One Sector 18 Noida with a perfect blend of corporate offices and offers retail shops, multiplexes and food courts.

2. Unmatched Location:

The USP of the commercial project that makes it rule the roost is its prime location advantage. This project conveniently nestled in Sector 18 of Noida. The area has seamless connectivity to the rest of the city and Delhi, NCR. Moreover, the place is near the metro station and has reliable transportation system. The area is in the close proximity of residential and commercial neighborhoods, guaranteeing a great footfall for businesses.

3. Four-Side Open Site:

The commercial project is four-side open and is along the 165 m frontage.

4. Dedicated Parking Space:

The project has a dedicated parking space with a separate space for the visitor’s vehicle parking. The ample parking area also enables hassle-free parking of the vehicles. So, the facility is big enough to accommodate over 2600 cars.

5. Robust Security:

To prioritize the safety and security of the Wave One Sector 18 Noida the developers have incorporated a round-the-clock security system through CCTV cameras and trained security guards. ASERO from Israel is the security consultant for this project, who ensures the utmost safety and security of the inhabitants. So, the added advanced security measures include booming barriers, smart access control systems, and intercom facilities. However, With 24/7 security the businesses can carry out their operations with peace and without any difficulty.

6. Lush Green Landscape:

Thanks to the EDSA, Florida, the landscape consultants, the Wave One commercial project of sector 18 spread with manicured greenery that connects the residents with the picturesque beauty of nature and embraces a serene, tranquil and peaceful environment. Moreover, the abundance greenery foster encouraging, refreshing and positive ambiance, perfect for success and prosperity of the business. The breathtaking structure also comprises rooftop garden and water bodies that add to the overall appeal of the tower.

7. Modern Architecture:

This commercial development project was designed by the renowned architect Brennan Beer Gorman, who has a legacy of crafting magnificent projects with futuristic amenities and elegant vibes. The retail shops, food courts, and multiplexes are smartly developed with optimum space utilization and good ventilation of air and sunlight. The architecture of the project is a perfect blend of contemporary style and modern designs & also uses Vaastu and Feng Shui for the prosperity and success of the businesses. Moreover, the unique design of the building is influenced by the wave motion. So, the façade of the structure has wave-like patterns composed of aluminum fins and reflective glass. So, the aesthetically and functionally pleasing architectural grandeur serves to minimize energy usage by maximizing the direct sunlight.

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Is Wave One Sector 18 Project Worth The Investment?

This commercial development project is an iconic structure, developed and designed meticulously by the renowned Indian and International architects and interior designers. So, this project strategically located in the prime area of Sector 18 in Noida. Sector 18 has seamless connectivity to the other areas of the city and Delhi, NCR.

All these make the project a lucrative investment opportunity guaranteeing higher returns and assured rental income. With convenient location advantage, seamless connectivity and easy accessibility. So, the project is most sought-after by many potential investors who aim for higher ROI.

Place For An Ultimate Retail Revolution!

This commercial development redefines the retail experience and offers an enviable selection of retail outlets. The project also exudes an extravaganza shopping experience with a perfect amalgamation of the luxury of the mall and the European experiences of the high-street.

The retail space of five lakh square feet has a shaded walkway along its perimeter, captivating ambiance and comfortable seating. With impeccable architecture, integrated entertainment, food and shopping, high street retail shops. So, wave retail shops space is the one destination that will make people come back for more.

The iconic architecture and positive energy make Wave One Sector 18 Noida an unrivaled project in and around Noida. Moreover, with its cutting-edge amenities, impeccable design, and prime location, businesses can grow and succeed in a professional and productive ambiance. When looking for aesthetically pleasing and functional commercial space in Noida, Wave One, Sector 18 is the best choice.

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Wave One Sector 18 Noida